About Us

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

NSPAO facilitates critical engagement in national security, international affairs, and intelligence issues by engaging with national security experts and promoting an informed exchange of ideas to develop analytical skills and produce meaningful analyses relevant to the defense community. 

History of the National Security Policy and Analysis Organization

The idea of creating a student organization to help fellow students boost their resumes, gain valuable skills, and have the opportunity to network with national security experts originated with Jeff Bates, the current elected president. After completing his first semester of graduate school, Jeff felt like the time was right to look more into the idea. After months of working with the office of student affairs and advisors, the organization went live in July 2020. Initially only consisting of around 10 members, within ten months, the organization ballooned to include a membership total of 360.

In December 2021, the organization was awarded a bronze medal for excellence. In January 2021, this website was created to provide a platform for students to showcase their analytical skills on a professional website.

The logo of the NSPAO comes with symbolic meaning. The building is the White House, and the leaves are olive leaves. Jeff chose the White House to represent that our organization is focused on policy and defense. The leaves represent peace, hence the idea of defending the US peacefully in the form of peer-reviewed analysis.

Meet The Team


Headshot of NSPAO President Myriam Sollberger

Myriam Sollberger

Chapter President

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Jason Smith

Chapter Vice President Social Media and Marketing

Profile Pict Salmans Jul20

Dr. Brian Salmans

Chapter Advisor


Nabil Rahman

Chapter Vice President Community Affairs and Recruitment


Michael Prassad

Michael Prasad

Chapter Executive Analyst

Bradley Fowler 2 Resized

Bradley Fowler

Cybersecurity Policy Analyst