Singapore Betting on Laws to Force Social Media Corporations to Improve Privacy Security

Protect Your Privacy On Social Media

If Singapore has its way, social media corporations will be required by LAW to enact community standards, including content moderation automation to protect end-users from harmful content. The proposed law will render regulators power to enforce social media corporations to omit and block content deemed harmful, particularly to young adults. However, Facebook is one social … Read more

China Coal Crisis and its impact on the global energy crisis

China Coal Energy

China is facing an energy crisis and its ability to effectively manage its reliance on coal as an energy source. Research conveys that China’s government is rationing the usage of electricity in 17 of its 30 mainlands and because, China is under pressure to align its efforts with the Paris Agreement, China is forced to … Read more

A Brief Analysis of India’s Intelligence Community and its Relation to the United States

Indian Flag Wallpapers Hd Images Free Download

Introduction ​India and the United States (US) have a rocky relationship, yet depend on each other to maintain their best interests. This article analyzes this relationship through the lens of India’s Intelligence Community (IC) and finds that it has been an essential partner to the US and will continue to be crucial going forward. With … Read more

Cybersecurity Law and Public Policy Concerns in Southeast Asia and Malaysia

Cybersecurity Law And Public Policy Concerns In Southeast Asia And Malaysia

The European Union has been working in concert with the United States and Canada as well as other countries, Parliaments, and Ministries, with hopes of enacting laws to deter cyber incidents. The EU efforts have helped deploy an effective approach to assessing how deterrence can be useful in decreasing cybercriminals from achieving successful nefarious acts … Read more