Strength Analysis Multi-Jurisdictional Intelligence Sharing: Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN)

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EXTREMIST VS . TERRORIST: SHOULD IT MATTER TO EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PRACTITIONERS? There are obstacles to information sharing between the U.S. Intelligence community and state/local law enforcement agencies, most emanating from the USA Patriot Act. Designation as terrorism may or may not bring additional benefits to threat Protection and Prevention (two elements of Disaster Readiness, for … Read more

Thinking Strategically About “Boring” Issues


In his 2014 book, American Insecurity, David Rothkopf stated one ofthe challenges for U.S. national security leadership is being caught up in thenews cycle. Thinking about current issues, he argues, does not allow themto prepare for the opportunities and dangers that may lie ahead, in otherwords – to think strategically. As an example, Rothkopf uses … Read more

President Biden and China President on National Security

China has been designated a serious threat to national security for the United States since former president Donald J. Trump took office. During his administration, former president Donald J. Trump spewed countless negative connotations across podiums, conveying his concerns about the cyber attacks he believed China was responsible for deploying. Such cyber attacks were attributed … Read more

THREAT ANALYSIS: Domestic Violent Extremists – U.S. Impacts from European Vehicle

Truck Attacks

As part of a standard “SWOT” Analysis – the aspect of Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs) is an important set of Threats that create Risks for any country’s Emergency Management practitioners. Emergency Managers, not just Law Enforcement, need to keep in mind their organization’s disaster readiness (resiliency) along the standard path of Protect/Prevent/Prepare, Respond, Recover and … Read more

America: More Divided, or Just Angrier?

Divided America

Media outlets and trusted political figures continue to feed the drumbeat of political polarization. “Americans are more divided than ever,” and “a bleak future lies ahead,” are constants in an elite media empire that thrives on division, instability, and catchy headlines to support a 24/7news cycle (Associated Press, n.d). There is no chance of survival … Read more