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Destabilization In The Central African Republic
Destabilization in the Central African Republic

Introduction ​The Central African Republic (CAR) has suffered a history of conflict since its independence in 1960. The nature of this conflict is often regarded under sectarian terms. However, this fails to paint an adequate picture of the destabilization in the region. In fact, it is the trickle-down nature of this conflict from leadership as …

Middle East

Rioters Marching Down The streets
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Ramadan is a Muslim celebrated holiday and April 13th marked its beginning. Since then, the pressure between Israel and Palestine has been more intense than normal. The holy city of Jerusalem and surrounding areas have seen several acts of violence and fighting during the month of Ramadan. ​On April 13th, Israeli police raided the al-Aqsa …
Middle East
The Resurgence of IS in Syria and Iraq

CURRENT SITUATION Thought to be dwindling in its presence, the Islamic State (IS) is rising again in Syria and Iraq. Recent months have witnessed numerous attacks against civilians and government forces. Most recently, on February 9th, more than two dozen pro-Assad fighters were killed in a firefight in Syria’s eastern desert province, Deir ez-Zor, near …

East Asia
President Biden and China President on National Security

China has been designated a serious threat to national security for the United States since former president Donald J. Trump took office. During his administration, former president Donald J. Trump spewed countless negative connotations across podiums, conveying his concerns about the cyber attacks he believed China was responsible for deploying. Such cyber attacks were attributed …
Concerns Of National Security And Foreign Trade With China
Concerns of National Security and Foreign Trade with China

In 2003, Anthony Wayne, Assistant Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs for the California Chamber of Commerce International Trade breakfast shared these words in his opening speech regarding how foreign trade fits into U.S. national security interests. Economic growth helps establish free tree, free markets, and investment creates new jobs and raises incomes. Economic growth …
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Myanmar Coup and US Relations

On February 1 st 2021 the Tatmadow, Myanmar’s military, officially declared a year-long state of emergency ultimately declaring that Min Aung Hlaing, Commander-in-Chief of Defense services had absolute power. In the early morning hours of the raid, various communication means like the internet, state-run MRTV, and phone lines to the capital no longer worked. President …

Europe and Eurasia

Swot Analysis
STRENGTH ANALYSIS: European Union Civil Protection for Emergency Management

As part of a standard “SWOT” Analysis – the aspect of Collaboration is an important set of Strengths that can enhance the Planning, Organization, Equipment, Training and Exercising (POETE) to reduce or eliminate Threats and Risks for any country’s Emergency Management practitioners.
Ukraine Cyber And Russia
Improving Ukraine Cybersecurity Policy Defense

Now that Russia has deployed an official attack against Ukraine and invaded their territory; increased security must be launched to counter the attack. First strategy is always to protect citizens’; technology is second. Not only does the public sector need to deploy effective security mitigation strategies, so does the private sector. The combined reliance on …
Russian Cyber Warfare Tactics 2
Russian Cyber Warfare Tactics: Lessons Learned from the Attack on Estonia in 2007

Introduction ​The Russian Federation (Russia) has established a well-earned reputation for cyber warfare tactics. Their ability to sow division and increase tensions within other nations through disinformation campaigns and by being able to deny credibility has been shown time and time again (Akimenko and Giles 2020). Much of the current asymmetrical warfare going on in …

Southeast Asia

Protect Your Privacy On Social Media
Singapore Betting on Laws to Force Social Media Corporations to Improve Privacy Security

If Singapore has its way, social media corporations will be required by LAW to enact community standards, including content moderation automation to protect end-users from harmful content. The proposed law will render regulators power to enforce social media corporations to omit and block content deemed harmful, particularly to young adults. However, Facebook is one social …
China Coal Energy
China Coal Crisis and its impact on the global energy crisis

China is facing an energy crisis and its ability to effectively manage its reliance on coal as an energy source. Research conveys that China’s government is rationing the usage of electricity in 17 of its 30 mainlands and because, China is under pressure to align its efforts with the Paris Agreement, China is forced to …
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A Brief Analysis of India’s Intelligence Community and its Relation to the United States

Introduction ​India and the United States (US) have a rocky relationship, yet depend on each other to maintain their best interests. This article analyzes this relationship through the lens of India’s Intelligence Community (IC) and finds that it has been an essential partner to the US and will continue to be crucial going forward. With …